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Knoxville Spanish Academy is focused on providing Spanish language classes in schools, to both children and parents in Knoxville and also in the surrounding communities of Kingston, Weaverville, Asheville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Etowah, among many more. Convenient Spanish lessons are brought to the comfort of your own home through an online Spanish program, directly and conveniently to your children.

We also plan on offering on-site instruction at schools throughout the community, such as Adrian Burnett Elementary School, Bearden Elementary, Gap Creek Elementary, Fountain City Elementary, and Ritta Elementary School. We hope to teach at local facilities, such as the Knox County Public Library and Knoxville Community Centers, and even to preschoolers at local day care centers. We plan to eventually open our own permanent Spanish language instruction facility in the Knoxville area.

Are you a Knoxville, Tennessee, Spanish teacher? Do you translate Spanish to English or work as a tutor? What are your thoughts on teaching Knoxville children to learn Spanish effectively and enjoyably? Please give us your ideas using our feedback form to the right side of the page.

Are you a parent who desires for your child to learn to speak Spanish? What are your goals for your kidsí language education? How would you like for them to receive Spanish instruction? Please share your thoughts, using the feedback form on the right. †